Hello and welcome to another installment on my newsletter blog. This week is going to show you the tips to find a good agent. I was a agent a long time ago when I first started, so I know how they are trained. Most agents will waste your time and energy, so you might have to go through a few til you find a good one. Most older agents don't believe that you can't wholesale houses with no money "Get out of my office". So don't get frustrated when they say, just move on to the next one til you find the right one. I have came to the conclusion that a good agent is one that is new to the game. This is even more important when you are trying to start a successful short sale business. I bought short sale riches program and it was a great wealth of knowlege, so check it out! because to do short sales right, you have to have a full pipeline of deals. So a agent who is new can be very helpful, because they will do what needs to be done. Short sale can be trying so be ready to get your butt kicked, but keep moving forward. So in my long career of real estate I have went through alot of dead beat agents. Let me give you one example that happen a few years back. I had a agent who had been in business for many years. When we first started working together everything went very well and we flipped around six houses. so everyone was happy. But then I put around 6 offers a week in through this agent. She gave me a call one day and said I had got a offer accepted on a 4 bedroom in Forest Park at a very good price. I was so excited because I have alot of good cash buyers for that area. So all I had to do was make 2 calls and my buyers ran out and  looked at the property. Within one hour I had one of my cash buyers called me and said I will pay the $45k you are asking. So I went over to his office and got the deal under contract, he said he could close in 3 days once the title search came back. I left his office and was feeling great, i was going to make a quick cool $8k in 3 days. But here is where the story goes bad and shows you to find a good agent. I was on cloud 9 feeling great then I was checking my voicemail and there was a message from my agent. She said your offer was accepted as she had thought. The sellers had signed the contract which made her think the offer was accepted, but at the bottom of the contract there is a box that if checked it means your offer was rejected. That blew my mind thinking she didn't even take the time to read over the whole contract before contacting me. Let's just say i was a little upset, because i had to call my buyer back and explain how my agent was a dumb a_ _. It made me look as dumb as my agent was, so the moral of the story is find a agent who follows through and looks over a whole contract before telling you it was accepted. SEE YA ON THE FLIP SIDE!!

Keep investing in yourself and real estate.Thoughts create your reality